Sonny is a trading name of JHJ Agencies Limited, a private paediatric healthcare company based in Northern Ireland. We offer appointments to patients with private medical insurance and to those wishing to self-fund their care. Our billing is managed by Medserv Limited, a specialist medical billing company. You can contact Medserv Limited on 0800 0124011 for up-to-date advice if needed.

Private Medical Insurance

We offer fee-assured consultations for patients with private medical insurance. This means that we have agreed to abide by the fee schedule set by your private medical insurance company and will not require you to pay top-up fees. You must contact your insurance company prior to making an appointment to ensure that they will authorise your treatment. Please do not assume that just because you have private medical insurance that you will be covered automatically as many insurance policies have policy excesses and exclusions and you are responsible for any fees that are not covered by your insurance policy. Wherever possible, please bring your pre-authorisation number with you to the consultation. Your insurance company may require an indication of the possible fees you may generate during your appointment.

Medserv Limited will deal directly with your insurance company. However, in the event of a short fall due to policy exclusions or excess, Medserv Limited will send you an invoice. You can then settle this by telephone, on-line or by post using a debit or credit card.

Insurance company contact numbers

AVIVA: 0800 158 3333

BUPA: 0845 755 3333

WPA: 01823 625 170

Vitality Health: 0345 600 7696

CIGNA: 01475 492 145

H3 Health Insurance: 02890 469 990

Self Funding

Fees will vary based on the needs or your child. You may simply wish to have a consultation or a consultation with diagnostic investigations (at additional cost). After your consultation, you will receive an invoice from Medserv Limited. You can then settle this by telephone, on-line or by post using a debit or credit card. There is also an option to pay on the day immediately after your consultation.


Investigations can be arranged as needed. Investigations are charged at the rate set by the clinic in which they are completed and not by Dr Henderson. Please discuss any costings of investigations with Dr Henderson prior to their completion during your medical consultation.

Non-cancellation Fees

A small fee may be charged if a patient fails to attend their appointment without any prior notification made to the clinic holding the booking directly or by making contact with our medical PA Jennifer on 07843590259 or by sending an email to info@sonnyhealth.com